BrainSavvy is a creative teaching tool that stimulates and encourages learning.

Your BrainSavvy Classroom Edition comes complete with:

Flexible Magnetic Game Board
Team Brain Pawns
Sorting Chips
Dry Erase Markers
Sand Timer
Black Velvetine Bag
Instructional Booklet

And you also get digital images for use with Electronic Whiteboards Free With Purchase of your BrainSavvy Classroom Edition.



BrainSavvy Increases Creativity

Research Based: Brain Savvy was originally developed in 1989 as part of a study to increase creative thinking in older adults.

The results showed that brainstorming significantly increased the creativity and life satisfaction of adults who used Brain Savvy, when compared to those who
did not use it (Goff, 1992; Goff, 1993).

Goff, K. (1992). Enhancing creativity in older adults. Journal of Creative Behavior, 26(1), 40-49.

Goff, K. (1993). Creativity and life satisfaction of older adults.
Educational Gerontology, 19(3), 241-250.


BRAINSAVVY Classroom Edition. BrainSavvy is an assessment tool for teachers, so they can make learning into a game-like experience for their students. Research shows that the brain retains information best when it's relaxed and experiencing fun (Willis, 2006)
How to play:
Teams are assigned randomly and stay together (sorting chips included). Points are scored for correct answers, turning in assignments, behavior, etc.  Use the game to review what was just taught. After you review with the game, the team in the lead gets privileges, incentives or rewards. They could fly their team colors (flags available soon), or post their mascot until another team takes the lead. This keeps everyone focused and paying attention while having fun.

This version of BrainSavvy is a magnetic board game for use anywhere, even in places where there is no electricity or other resources. BrainSavvy will revolutionize your review sessions.

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