BrainSavvy is a creative teaching tool that stimulates and encourages learning.

The BrainSavvy Download Digital Edition
comes complete with:

• Two Game Board Versions
• Digital Team Brain Pawns
• Complete Instructions
• Sample Questions
• Numerous Application Suggestions

BrainSavvy Increases Creativity

Research Based: Brain Savvy was originally developed in 1989 as part of a study to increase creative thinking in older adults.

The results showed that brainstorming significantly increased the creativity and life satisfaction of adults who used Brain Savvy, when compared to those who
did not use it (Goff, 1992; Goff, 1993).

Goff, K. (1992). Enhancing creativity in older adults. Journal of Creative Behavior, 26(1), 40-49.

Goff, K. (1993). Creativity and life satisfaction of older adults.
Educational Gerontology, 19(3), 241-250.


Everything needed to play


BrainSavvy fully integrates with SMART Technologies and has earned the Smart Select Software accreditation.


The approved SMART software accreditation logo is a trademark of SMART Technologies.

Brainsavvy is a philosophy of making learning fun. It is simply a game template for tracking correct answers. Teams compete with knowledge. Use it to review any curriculum material.

Brainsavvy is an effective teaching method, because it uses the format of a board game to involve the whole class.

This edition of BrainSavvy is a digital version of the board game for use with electronic whiteboards, which is an ideal platform for review and teaching with larger classes. BrainSavvy will revolutionize your review sessions.



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