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Creative Braining is fun and actually builds creativity in a player.

It can increase 3 specific creative strengths. These are: fluency, flexibility and originality. *

Creative Braining by BrainSavvy  TM
Available through the iTunes App Store, Creative Braining costs $1.99 and includes 16 games.

How to Play:  Each game consists of 25 questions that you brainstorm answers to. One game may take several days to complete depending on how much braining (brain exercise) you wish to put in. Click the save game button when you are ready to quit (actually it saves automatically but to be sure, click save game). We didn't put a timer on it because answers may come to you later, perhaps while you sleep. Answers can be added to the list anytime until you are completely finished.
When you have answered all you can, press delete game, to enter your name by your high score. This saves that score, deletes the answers, and resets the game. You can play that game again or choose another game. You can go back and forth between games without worrying about your answers being deleted. Answers are only deleted when you click the Delete Game button

*  More information on the 3 Creative Strengths that this app builds:

Fluency - Fluency reflects the "quantity" or "how many" ideas you can come up with. Brainstorming is one of the best ways to build fluency. This practice keeps our brains sharp; just like practicing tongue twisters improves our speaking skills

Flexibility is also built through playing this game. Flexibility is looking at things from different angles or from a different perspective.  A flexible thinker is often the funny one. Trying to think of answers from a different perspective stretches us and we become more flexible.

Originality is the 3rd creative strength that is built and even rewarded. You get 5 points when you give an original answer (one not found in our database of common answers).

 For example, as you are thinking of answers for flowers that begin with R, you may type the word "rubber". It's a word, and it starts with an R.....so rubber would count as an original answer and you'll get fireworks and 5 points instead of 1. (You'll have to justify it to your friends if you are playing it together or sharing answers)....but wait.....think about it...there are rubber flowers....fake ones. That really was an original answer.  Making those connections stimulates different parts of the brain and helps reinforce and encourages originality.

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